Andrew Anthony

Andrew, our head guide, has been guiding at the Ledges Inn for salmon, woodcock, grouse and pheasants for over a decade. He enjoys being in the outdoors with guests who share his passion for salmon and trout fishing, as well as upland bird hunting. In addition to being our head guide, he and his wife Tammy are also raising their two daughters (Kaitlyn and Maegan) in the area.

Lloyd Lyons

Lloyd has been fishing since he was knee high to a grasshopper, and he has been guiding for Atlantic salmon on the Miramichi River for over 47 years. Lloyd says his father, and 5 brothers, were all fishermen so fishing is in his blood. The part of guiding that Lloyd enjoys most is meeting a variety of people, and helping new anglers catch their first silver salmon with a fly-rod.

Wesley Curtis

Mountain Channel is very proud to have Wesley Curtis as its head guide in Grey Rapids. Wesley has been guiding on the Miramichi, and the Cains River, for over 53 years. He started guiding salmon anglers when he was sixteen year old, and has been guiding ever since. Over the years, Wesley has guided at many camps, but he eventually returned to Mountain Channel and has been there for over 20 years. Wesley is loved by all our guests, who appreciate his positive attitude and his wealth of experience guiding for salmon.

Boyd Curtis

Boyd is a brother to head guide Wesley Curtis. He is a third generation guide on the Miramichi River. He is the Son of Roy and Edna Curtis who worked at Ted William’s fishing lodge for 34 years. Boyd joined Mountain Channel 5 years ago. He provides Mountain Channel guests his undivided attention, and a great deal of advice for catching salmon. He knows what it takes to catch fish and is sure to share his experience with our guests.

Greg Amos

Greg's passion for fishing began at a young age, and continued through out his life. This passion has been well displayed through his 15 years of professional guiding, and his degree in aquaculture. It is an activity shared within his family as he is a second generation guide. In Greg's spare time he enjoys hanging out with his two sons (Lucas and Liam), watching sports, and visiting friends.