Stay a while.

Our cottages at Mountain Channel offer an inviting experience. Our on-site staff, Sharon Gallon and Gena Walls, are happy to provide full breakfast, three course lunch, and hearty supper options.


Mountain Channel is very proud to have Wesley Curtis as it's head guide in Grey Rapids. Wesley has been guiding on the Miramichi and Cains River for over 53 years. He started guiding salmon anglers when he was sixteen years old and has been guiding ever since.

Wesley started his career as a guide for Granville Stewart in Quarryville. Over the years he has guided for a number of outfitters on the river. For a while he guided for "Uncle Tom's Cabins" (Mountain Channel, as we know it). At the time, it was owned by Tom & Bill Boyd of Fredericton. After guiding for other camps for a while, Wesley returned to Mountain Channel and has been here for over 20 years. Wesley is loved by all of our guests who appreciate his positive attitude and his wealth of experience guiding for salmon.

Boyd Curtis, Wes' brother, has also been guiding at Mountain Channel for over a decade. Together they make a great team, and ensure that you get the best fishing experience possible!

Mountain Channel Features

In addition to the main lodge where meals are served, Mountain Channel offers five cabins, with various sleeping arrangements, and their own bath, as well as a nearby camp nearby with three bedrooms.

1 (1).png

Cabin 1- This cabin offers two bedrooms, one with a double bed and one with a queen sized bed, two bathrooms, and a sitting area.


Cabin 2- This cabin offers two bedrooms, with a king sized bed in each room, two baths, and a riverfront porch.


Cabin 3- This cabin also offers two bedrooms, with a queen sized bed in each, two baths, and a riverfront porch.



Cabin 4- This cabin offers one bedroom with two double beds, one bath, and a riverfront porch.


Cabin 5- This cabin offers one bedroom with a king sized bed, one bath, and a riverfront porch.


In addition to these cabin options we also offer a three bedroom camp across the brook with two queen beds and one single bed, a full bath, living room, kitchen, and riverfront porch.


Whichever one you choose, we’re sure you’ll enjoy your stay, and rest very comfortably!