Fly Fishing on the Miramichi River.

Looking for a world-class fishing experience? A distinct method of angling, fly-fishing is considered the best method of landing salmon, and trout. 

A 4.5 star destination since 1997, The Ledges Inn, offers a full and memorable Miramichi fly fishing experience. One of the most beautiful and pristine locations in Canada, the Miramichi River Valley presents an unparalleled Atlantic Salmon fishing adventure.

Growing in popularity since the 19th-century, salmon angling on the Miramichi is known the world over. Boasting the largest salmon runs in the world, fly-fishing on the Miramichi is guaranteed to be an exciting and satisfying experience for beginners and experienced fishermen alike. Approximately 100,000 salmon swim up the Miramichi River each summer and fall. Comprised of 37 major tributaries, and over 7500 streams, the Miramichi yields nearly 50% of all rod-caught salmon in North America.

Fly Fishing Seasons



Date: April 15 to early-mid May

Spring Salmon are fish that have entered the river the previous year, spawned in the fall, remained in the river throughout the winter, and are now returning downstream and back out to sea.

After a long New Brunswick winter, the fish are very hungry and fishermen can enjoy great success. In late spring the best fighters will be found. May and June on The Miramichi River also offers up a good run of sea-run speckled or brook trout for fly-fishermen.

Join us and experience the beauty of a classic spring fly-fishing adventure!


Summer & Fall

Date: Mid May to October 15

In summer and fall fishing is done mostly by wading directly into the river. Fishermen at this time of year will also often combine a number of fly patterns, both wet and dry.

Summer and fall salmon runs have proven to be an exciting and rewarding experience as these runs are arriving fresh from the sea brighter, fatter, and stronger.

Wet Fly vs. Dry Fly

A wet fly is designed to resemble and act like an insect that is under the water’s surface. A dry fly, best used in summer months when the fish are feeding on insects on the surface, behaves like an insect above water by floating against the river’s surface tension.

Our knowledgeable guides can help in the choice of fly patterns to make your trip more successful.

The Experience

Picture waking to a hearty breakfast after a peaceful sleep at our 4.5 star wilderness retreat. As you enjoy your morning coffee, and the tranquility of a Miramichi morning, your guide is on the way to meet you. Once you are ready, your guide picks you up, either by boat, or vehicle, and brings you to one of our many productive pools where you can cast the morning away.

At noon you will return to the Ledges to enjoy a three-course lunch, followed by time to relax, or perhaps take in the local attractions to be found in our picturesque community of Doaktown. Later in the day, you will have the opportunity to try your skill at a different pool, where you may fish the evening until you are ready to return to the Inn.

Upon returning to the Ledges you will be greeted with top-notch hospitality by our staff. Enjoy a glass of wine while sharing your angling stories, and indulge in delectable appetizers prepared by our chef. For dinner, you may head to the dinning room overlooking our beautiful river, where you will experience one of our unforgettable 3 course meals.

After dinner, you have the opportunity to socialize, or retire to your room and prepare to do it all over again in the morning!