Fall in the Miramichi River valley is a show like none other. 

Cool, crisp mornings, purple sunrises over the misty Miramichi River, and the bright colors of fall maple, oak, and birch trees reflecting in the water. It’s a perfect combination, and your dog is on point. Join us at the Ledges for an invigorating, autumn, upland bird hunt!

Grouse and Woodcock    

The meandering Miramichi River Valley, and its tributaries, provides an excellent variety of covert, creating the perfect habitat for upland birds such as Grouse and Woodcock. The Grouse spend most of its time on the ground where they forage for buds, berries, seeds, leaves, and insects. The Woodcock also spends the majority of its time on the ground, under cover, foraging.

As upland birds tend to be found on the ground, under heavy cover, hunters generally employ dogs to locate and retrieve. You are welcome to bring your own dogs, or you may work behind our slow, close working, Britney’s, English Pointers, or Irish Setters, at no extra cost. You can hunt back bogans and eddys, where Black ducks, Woody’s, Blue & Green Teal, Mallards and Mergansers feed. You might even find a Canada Goose on the fly-by.

Pheasant Preserve

Ready for your private, 200-acre pheasant preserve? We have one waiting for you at The Ledges!

Considered one of the most popular birds to hunt, the pheasant provides the hunter with the thrill of the chase. This fast moving bird is very plentiful at our specially managed preserve only minutes away from the lodge. The preserve is designed to keep the released birds in the preserve area by providing all the food the birds need. Hedgerows of corn, sunflowers, and high bush cranberries are all in abundance for the bird’s prosperous survival.

As a result, there are many wild pheasants on the grounds, and we release more on a daily basis. This combination results in an exciting and successful hunt for guests.

Pheasant hunting is a fun and exhilarating way to spend a day in the great outdoors, come join us for a pheasant hunt at The Ledges!